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Ethical Code at LPL

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Quality Management (QM) at LPL

Being a non-asset-based logistics providers, LPL regularly works with subcontractors such as various shipping companies and heavylift transport and rigging providers.

Since our service quality significantly depends upon the performance of our subcontractors, selecting, coordinating and monitoring them in a way to achieve the highest possible service quality forms an important part of our QM systems.

Our subcontractor strategy with its attendant evaluation procedures is designed to make sure that subcotracors perform according to our quality standards.

LPL evaluates its sub- suppliers on grounds of

  • Sound financial standing
  • Ability to offer high service quality, preferrably proven in longtime business relationship with LPL
  • Conformation with relevant statutory regulations (permits, business licenses etc.)
  • All equipment -if any- to be safe and in good working condition, fitted with any necessary safety devices and with necessary certificates available for checking.
  • Dependable / realistic offers, both technically and commercially
  • Availability of service
  • QM- certification
  • Client's wishes

Of course all procedures pertaining to QM are there to be further developed - if required- to fit the requirements of this specific project in conjunction with the project team upon successful contract award, as we see this interface and development as an integral and crucial part of the projects initial development.

Our complete QM manual is available upon request.

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