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Monday, 2/17/2020 10:27:05 AM  

During any major industrial plant project a lot of information must be processed and distributed among the relevant persons. Many people are involved in the planning and execution stages of industrial plant projects, each party having its own individual needs for information.

The site manager at the construction site abroad has a slow Internet connection and needs to get the latest arrival schedules immediately, the head of procurement requires the budget development report once a week, the shipping department still waits for the latest departure confirmation and the forwarder awaits original documents from the latter – just to sketch a typical situation during project operation.

There are many “Tracking & Tracing” applications available – only few of them meet the complex requirements of project logistics.

Because there is no tool available which meets all of your and our requirements, LPL has designed its own tool which can be used by all parties involved as a single, common platform and which – by the way – can be operated well even over a small 28 KB Modem network connection.

Key features   

  • Internet-based access
  • Common IT platform for all parties involved
  • Functions
    • Project planning
    • Expediting support
    • Statistics
    • Detailed shipping status (lot/item)
    • Documentation
    • Cost control module
    • 24/7 access to shipping documents
    • eMail interface
    • Data export
    • Direct data interchange
  • Modification options to include individual clients’ requirements



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