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Monday, 2/17/2020 10:55:26 AM  

Case studies

Methanol plant CHILE 

     Project description
Over 130,000 different pieces of equipment (total 80,000+ FRT incl. more than 50 heavylift pieces upto 390 tons, 65 m long, 11.6 m wide and 19.5 m high) from 117 suppliers in 25 countries (e.g. Korea, Thailand, Germany, Italy, USA and Mexico) had to be carried to Punta Arenas on the southernmost tip of Chile (just north of Antarctica) to build one of the world’s largest methanol plants.

The logistical complexity of the project was especially due to the technically demanding transport of the heavy pieces.

Various heavy lift items had to be transferred from sea vessel to hydraulic trailer positioned on a seagoing barge in the stormy waters off the Patagonian coast, then brought ashore by barge and rolled-off on the trailer.

Other H/L pieces had to be handled via a narrow finger pier accessible only by shallow- draught H/L ships, and then only after prior dedging of the adjacent berth.

     Scope of Services

  • Logistics project management incl. transport-/packaging consulting
  • IT- based vendor management + project monitoring
  • Precarriage to seaports
  • Sea transportation (More than 80 separate shipments)
  • 130+ inner American truckloads
  • Customs clearance coordination
  • Oncarriage up to construction site



 Discharging methanol column (387 to, 65 m long, 8.3 m diameter)


 Oncarrage of methanol column to site     Another column during offshore transfer


Loading 2 superfired heaters (246 tons, 19.5 m height) at Laem Chabang, Thailand  


Discharge of fired heaters at Punta Arenas, Chile      Oncarriage to site


NP Webb Project, China

LPL Italia Srl was entrusted by GE Nuovo Pignone to plan and organize transportation from FOB Livorno and FAS Wallhahm (Sweden) to DEQ Tianjin, China; total project volume amounted to 25,000 FRT incl 14 heavylift pieces upto 100 to.


Zagros Methanol Projects, Iran

Again LPL was awarded prime contractorship for planning, steering + monitoring of integrated logistics service package including vendor coordination this time from EXW/FCA/FAS/FOB worldwide suppliers up to CFR Bandar Assaluyeh, Iran. Combined project volume amounted to 115,000+ FRT, incl. 24 H/L items ex Italy.

LPL Italia Srl was e.g. responsible for the transport of

  • 1 reactor      1500x480x498 cm   233 to
  • 1    reactor      1980x380x350 cm   130 to
  • 1 reactor      1980x380x350 cm   130 to
  • 1 reactor       1765x380x355 cm   98.5 to

from EXW supplier Olmi SpA, Suisio upto FOB Porto Marghera. Precarriage was effected by a combined truck / barge transport; loading by ship’s own gear.




ATLAS + TITAN methanol plants, Trinidad

LPL was awarded prime contractorship for planning, steering + monitoring of integrated logistics service package including vendor coordination ex EXW worldwide suppliers up to CFR Point Lisas / DDU site. Combined project volume amounted to over 150,000 FRT, thereof 22,500 FRT ex Italy incl. H/L items upto 515 to.

Among others, the transport of  

  • 3 methanol reactors
    2 x 336 tons; 14.55 x 6.5 x 6.75 m each
    1 x 466 tons; 22.49 x 6.64 x 6.89 m
  • 1 MP steam superheater
    104 tons; 9.00 m x 5,50 m x 6,25 m
  • 1 circulation water heater
    127 tons; 17.24 m x 3.48 m x 3.50 m

from EXW Italian suppliers via the port of Porto Marghera upto DDU jobsite was successfully planned+executed (Below pictures of handling ops at Porto Marghera).



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